Plain Action 1

2007 – 2013

Having successfully delivered Sustain the Plain between 2002 – 2007, funding was approved for Plain Action to follow on. The area covered was basically the same as Sustain the Plain, with a few changes around Tidworth and Warminster.

Funding was awarded under the following categories:

  • To maximise the skills, abilities, and opportunities of all those living and seeking work in the area, particularly in the context of the opportunities presented by the military establishment, and the skills of those leaving.
  • To strengthen the long-term economic performance of the area by supporting initiatives that nurture enterprise, cross sectors and remove barriers.
  • To work for cohesive, stable and sustainable communities throughout the area, by addressing current imbalances and geographical and social isolation.

In addition, it was expected that all projects would contribute to the following:

  • To further understanding of the increasingly essential contribution of the military establishment to the prosperity of the area, and to ensure full military/civilian integration of all activities including strategic planning.


  • To encompass the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change and environmental issues in the unique environment of Salisbury Plain.

This programme saw the start of the move from revenue projects to capital projects. Of the 46 projects completed, 25 of them were capital projects for equipment or buildings.

During the programme three significant management changes occurred: March 2011 Defra took over the national management function from the Regional Development Agencies and, following a Government spending review, the Plain Action budget was reduced by £575,000. Then in the last two years of the programme all projects were moved onto Defra’s management information system “ROD”.

For more information about Plain Action, including reports and evaluation please visit the ‘Our Impact‘ page.