Plain Action could not operate without help and assistance from its partners.

Wiltshire Council: Not only does the Council oversee the management and operation of the work of the Local Action Group, they have also provided resources in the preparation of the application for funding.

Community First: The staff of Plain Action are employed by Community First which also provides all the back office facilities for the Local Action Group.

43 Wessex Brigade: The Plain Action area is based on Salisbury Plain and has, over the previous programmes, built up a strong relationship with the Military, which has resulted in the Brigadier playing an active role in the PMG.

Wessex Chambers: Throughout the previous programmes Wessex Chambers has provided business advice to applicants and the PMG. Currently Wessex Chambers operates the Wiltshire Business Support Services on behalf of Wiltshire Council.

Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership: SWLEP was established in 2011 with a remit to drive economic growth in the area.




Wiltshire Council is the unitary authority for Wiltshire and operates through 18 area boards


Community First is the Rural Community Council for Wiltshire as well as advising the Government on rural issues in Wiltshire they also provide a variety of services to the rural communities in Wiltshire


Headquarters 1 Artillery Brigade and Headquarters South West is a regional division responsible for the regional affairs for the south West of England. 1stArtilleryBrigadelogo




The association currently represents 16 chambers of commerce, comprising almost 1500 member businesses/organisations across Wiltshire.


The Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) network was established by the coalition government to drive economic development in England following the dissolution of the Regional Development Agency structure.