When you are logged in to the Admin section of the site, you will see the page content differently. The toolbar is similar to that of a document page, but to find out more of the features, follow this link to find out How to use your tool bar


Information changes on a regular basis, so you may need to go to an article to change some of the data. You will need to edit content so, follow for the latest document on how to edit and article


With the article open, you can do more than change the text, you can do several things, including adding a link to another website which has information relevant to your page.

Follow the link to find out how to Add a Web Link


Content on your site can be set for the user to do what they need to do easily. Along with weblinks, on the same page, you can add an email address - this will show a name or contact hi-lighted giving the link-   Follow this link to find out how to Insert / Edit a Link


Your content may be an introduction to further information e.g. meeting notes, results of a consultation, which you have saved on your system. To add this information, the simplest way is to add the report, follow this link to find out how to Insert / Edit a File

A website is a very visual tool. There are times when you think adding a photo or logo would make your page more interesting, more relevant to the content. To add this follow this link to find out how to Insert / Edit an Image